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 How to get recorded 2012 Euro videos from TiVo onto New iPad 3

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PostSubyek: How to get recorded 2012 Euro videos from TiVo onto New iPad 3    Wed 06 Jun 2012, 10:19

How to get recorded 2012 Euro videos from TiVo onto New iPad 3

Hot News: Pavtube Studio is offering 2012 Euro Special Offer, Never miss the chance to get Pavtube Promotion Coupon. The most popular software Pavtube TiVo Converter and Blu-ray/DVD Converter tools is at 20% discount during 2012 UEFA euro championship(Deadline: July 23, 2012).


By any means, the new iPad 3 is a great portable video player. So why not transfer 2012 Euro Cup TiVo recordings to the new iPad 3? No matter where you are, whenever it is, just take out the iPad 3 from your handbag and enjoy your favorite 2012 Euro football matches freely! Nice idea, isn't it? In the following guide I would like to demonstrate how to transfer Euro Cup recordings from TiVo to new iPad 3 for playing back with ease.

Here it mainly provides an easy solution to transfer recorded Euro Cup TV shows (*.tivo) from your TiVo box so as to backup and play them on the New iPad 3. Just follow the 2 parts as below:

Part One: Transfer TV recordings from TiVo box to your PC
Part Two: Convert Euro Cup TiVo TV shows to New iPad 3 supported video format along with some help with a top Euro Cup TiVo Converter

Part One: How to transfer TiVo shows to PC

1. On your PC, launch TiVo Desktop for PC (click to download), the freeware that transfers shows from your networked TiVo box to your computer.

Quote :

2. Click "Pick Recordings to Transfer." A window showing your TiVo box's "Now Playing" or "My Shows" list appears.

3. Highlight any title in the list to see more information about the show. Check the box next to the title of the show (or shows) you want to transfer.

4. Click "Start Transfer." Transfer times vary, but may take as long as the show's duration to complete the transfer.

Part Two: Convert/Download TiVo TV shows to New iPad 3

The soccer recordings are saved as .tivo files after being transferred to computer hard drive and you can take TiVo shows anywhere you like. It requires Windows Media Player 11+ to play TiVo on PC. If you'd like to watch TiVo shows on New iPad 3, you may transcode TiVo to a playable format for New iPad 3. If you are intersted in doing likewise, check out Pavtube's TiVo Converter for Euro Cup(Get 20% Off Euro 2012 Coupon Code). It packs perfect support for TiVo recordings and I've found the quality of converted TiVo videos to be excellent on new iPad 3, and see no difference when compared to playing the TiVo recordings themselves.

Step 1. Assuming you have downloaded the perfect Euro Cup TiVo Converter for new iPad 3, the first step is to add your transferred TV shows into it.

(Notice: Enter the Media Access Key of your TiVo recordings into the "Open > TiVo" of the program to quickly import your TiVo recordings.)

Step 2. Choose output profile for new iPad 3. Here I recommend you "iPad > iPad 3 (new iPad) Full HD Video(*.mp4)" which gives you the highest videos settings for iPad 3 and great video quality.

Step 3. After the steps above, start the conversion from TiVo to new iPad 3 H.264 MP4.

Once getting the converted movie files, you can sync and transfer them to the new iPad 3 via iTunes. So there you have it. Pretty simple! Hope the tricks for transferring Euro Cup TiVo recordings to new iPad 3 for smoothly playing will do a great favor for you. Enjoy!

More Special Offers during 2012 Pavtube Euro Promotion Season:

Pavtube MXF Converter (Windows) (Mac) (20% Off)

Pavtube HD Video Converter (Windows) (Mac) (20% Off)

Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper (Windows) (Mac) (20% off)
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How to get recorded 2012 Euro videos from TiVo onto New iPad 3
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